The Division – Graveyard Carz

The growing company was three seasons into the production of their hit show, Graveyard Carz. They had scraped by on consumer-grade storage for the past five years, and The Division was long overdue for a storage solution that made sense.

Artsis Media

For Olympic athletes, the dream doesn’t begin when they compete at the Olympics; the dream truly begins years before when first thinking about competing and then training to make the Olympics.

Biscardi Creative Media

For many years, shared storage solutions seemed like they were out of reach for individual editors and small shops, but Small Tree Communications helped to change that. Biscardi Creative Media in Atlanta is a prime example of why storage networks aren’t a “heavy iron” investment any longer.

Neighbor and Knock, Inc.

NEIGHBOR had invested heavily in topped out workstations loaded with memory and powerful graphics cards. “We knew we didn’t want our storage server to be the weak link in the pipeline. We would be conforming edits in FCP and Premiere.

Keeping School Community Informed

Gone are the days when a monthly newsletter from public school districts was sufficient content on school activities for parents and local residents. Today’s 24-7 news cycle has spread to local schools.

Shared Storage a Slam Dunk for Utah Jazz and KJZZ-TV

16 workstations running various applications including Final Cu Pro. The post-production team for the Utah Jazz and KJZZ-TV is responsible for bringing the excitement of professional basketball to fans u2013 at the arena and on TV. NBA fans can be demanding. Not only do they want to see their team win, they want to be entertained. For the 16 Final …

Digital Cinema Specialists Meet Tight Deadlines for Network Show

12 workstations running various applications including Final Cut and DVD Studio PronnBling Digital is a thriving production service company specializing in video assist, on-set data management and digital dailies solutions for RED ONE camera productions. Working on a spy drama for USA Network, among various other projects, Bling Digital faces tight deadlines every day in preparing a few hundred gigabytes …

Small Tree Shared Storage Technology in the “House”

Production and post-production 4 Final Cut editing suites, animation station Competition for customers is fierce, so Bright House Networks Tampa Bay relies on its marketing department to communicate the value of its services to local residents. Faced with a demanding production schedule for 30 second commercials for cross channel use, as well as in-house training and marketing videos, the marketing …

Sports Production Company Scales Workflow

12 workstations (six laptops and several new Intel-based Mac Pro’s), Final Cut Often working on multiple television series for stations such as Showtime, NBC and Fox Sports, TGR needed a system that would enable the company to add additional workstations while allowing its editing teams to work on projects simultaneously without crippling the workflow. Installing Small Tree’s complete GraniteSTOR ST-RAID …

Where the Customer is Always King

An award-winning HD video production company with an unrivaled reputation for delivering creativity and value, inMotion DVS offers unmatched multimedia production, digital audio production and live event support services to its corporate, government, institutional and broadcast client roster.   With 10 Final Cut editing stations consisting of 4 Mac Pro towers and 6 MacBook Pros connected across a failing shared storage system, inMotion …