Safari web browser has issues working with Network Switches

For the time being do not use Safari web browser on Network switches since it has an issue with HTTP Basic Authentication which cause large delays in accessing the switch. This is documented at: Read Apple support pages for this issue Search our Knowledge Base by clicking the link below.

PEG6 shows only 5 of 6 ports active on a bond (LACP)

When creating a “bond” (LACP) it is important to ensure that all the ports are set to “Automatic” verses “Manual” for speed. The bond driver will either not add it, or will drop it very quickly thus a port may not work or join the “bond” properly. The driver is not reporting the speed properly when set it to “Manual” …

Discrepancies in Disk Space on your TitaniumZ

If you see file system size discrepancies from what Mac OS Finder shows verses what you think you should have, click below for a document explaining this. Download Discrepancies in Disk Space on your TitaniumZ.