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Small Tree provides both 10GBASE-T Copper and SFP+ connectivity optimized for maximum Thunderbolt 2 performance, enabling Thunderbolt equipped connectivity from your Mac Pro®, MacBook Pro®, MacBook Air®, iMac® or Mac mini® to your 10Gb Ethernet network or shared storage products.


Thunderbolt Product Lines

  • SANLink2 10GBASE-T PRO-SL210GT
  • SANLink2 10Gb SFP+ PROSL210GSFP+

10GbE Cards


Small Tree provides 10GbE Ethernet Cards for bandwidth demanding connectivity. With our 10 GbE cards, your business can tackle more complex problems and create more opportunities for success from improved performance. Our 10 GbE network interface cards are specifically designed for use in server environments attached to local area networks or storage area networks and provide serious performance right to the desktop client. Make complex applications simple and faster by adding these highly affordable ten gigabit Ethernet cards.

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Gigabit Switches & Cards

Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express NIC Cards have been optimized for OS X operating systems. The PCIe interface uses an advanced point-to-point connection that helps improve large data-intensive transfers that are vital to shared networking efficiency.

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